Camila Monge

I am an architect and landscape designer, I dream in colour, light and shadow, contrasts. Renovating kitchens and translating these dreams with those of the client, are one of the things that gives me the most satisfaction.

Lover of details, I started in 2018 to design handles for the furniture of my projects. Today, clients ask me to design a special custom one for them, which made me realize that it was not just a detail, but one more mark that I was leaving in every home.

Inspired by nature, especially from a trip to Iceland that makes me emotional to remember it to this day, I share this proposal that I hope will also be a mark in your homes.

Convinced that when you meet people who love their work, magic happens. Juan, makes each handle by hand, one by one, leaving his mark that achieves the perfect imperfection, an iron craftsman. MarĂ­a and Santiago enamel them in their workshop that comes from three generations passionate about the field. There are no dies, just the human hand, which makes this project very valuable to me.